Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buy Your Flight On Ebay

Jet Blue Airlines is auctioning flights on Ebay starting from 9 different locations to over 20 vacation destinations. Could this be the future of flying? Starting price is/was five cents and there is no reserve. However there is an included tax and standard fees that do apply that are stipulated on the page based on the flight. Be careful when bidding because while many of the auctions are for two people, some are for just one. The dates and times are noted on the page, so you need to know if you can make those before bidding as well. Just looking at one auction for a flight from Long Beach California to Washington D.C shows the flight dates from September 19th to D.C and the 22nd for the return flight and the auction ends on the 12th. So if you have the opportunity, and time, this could be a chance to get in on a opportunity of a lifetime.

The Jet Blue Ebay Site can be found here.

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