Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cruising During Hurricane Season... What to Expect

People often ask me what happens during hurricane season with cruise ships and if they should worry about booking a cruise furring this time. My advice is simple. If you think it will affect your vacation, then you should either change the location, type or time or year for your vacation. Cruising during this time of year can be an adventure for sure. I would not recommend booking any personal tours or excursions because weather can re direct the ships and if you booked something personally it can be difficult to handle changes. Booking through the cruise line gives you the insurance that refunds are easy to get. And speaking of insurance, if there is any time that one should think of insurance, this is it. Be aware that the cruise companies are going to do everything in their power to stir clear of bad weather and give the best vacation they can. But unfortunately, like the person on the weather channel, they don't make it. I say this, because I was told earlier this week by a friend who went on their first cruise that they were going to write a letter to the cruise line because it rained all week. I asked them what the cruise line was supposed to do about the weather and the response I got is not even worth printing. So this brings me back to what to expect? Expect a vacation that will be the best it can be under the circumstances but at the same time maybe not the exact vacation planned.

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