Thursday, September 11, 2008

Newer Ships and More Cabins inC ruising's Future

The cruise ship industry is in full bloom, even with the economy hurting. With the number of ships on order, there are more cabins due to be in service over the next five years than the total number of cabins that were available just 20 years ago. With all the extra ships coming into service, the cruise lines have to find a home for them in both home ports and ports of call. This could open up many new destinations for the cruiser that has been everywhere and also help keep prices down as well. But its not just new ships, its bigger ships as well, which are to large to call on some of the smaller ports. Just like with the new jumbo jets that are now coming into service, some popular cruise destinations are going to have do some upgrading to accept and handle the new ships and the number of people they will be bringing with them. I doubt that the local economy won't complain when these new ships come to visit in the near future.

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