Monday, October 6, 2008

What "Bundle" Did The Passenger Next To You Get?

Most of us are familiar with bundled packages when it comes to cable, Internet, and phone companies. Well the a la carte era of the airline world can be thought of this way now. MSNBC has an article on how American Airlines is leading the way into the bundled future of the airline industry. The thing is that this is not new. Air Canada has been running this way for a few years now and it was only a matter of time before the airlines in the U.S. followed. A la carte or bundled or whatever fancy new name they come up with, paying for everything is here and it is here to stay. In fact, its just begun. For some passengers, this will not be so bad, because they will only be charged for what they use. But for most passengers, it is going to nickel and dime them for a while. Eventually, the average traveler will learn to adjust but the airlines are seeing dollar signs for at least the near future.

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