Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carry On Luggage Problems Continue

It has been over six months since the airlines have been charging for checked luggage. Since this has happened, people have been more app to pack as much in their carry on luggage as possible. We all know that the airlines have policies about the number of carry on luggage that people are allowed to have with them. But have you noticed that this is not enforced until late in the boarding process? This past weekend, we were flying on American Airlines with a layover in Dallas. On the second leg of our journey home, we had boarding zone 6 and there were only 6 boarding zones in total. People in the early boarding zones had two and sometimes 3 bags. When they got to boarding zone 6, people were told that there was no room on the plane and all remaining luggage would have to be checked unless it fit under the seat. This was on a MD S80 which only has 5 seats per row in coach yet has the same amount of luggage space that a plane with 6 seats in a row would have. So what does all this mean? Its actually quite simple. If you don't want to have your carry on baggage taken from you, then try to make sure you get a seat in the rear of the plane which puts you in an early boarding zone, or if you don't mind, then don't worry, because they (so far) don't charge you for checked luggage based on their fault. If they break their own system then why should we be the ones to suffer.

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