Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Cruise Deals Easily Found

Just poking around, I have found 4 day cruises for under $200 per person. That's $50 per day! We all know why the deals are there and yes they are working. Carnival Cruise Lines recently announced its January and February numbers and bookings are up slightly. Don't think that the cruise lines are hurting to much. If they aren't filling ships, they will be hurting, but so far that has not happened and the deals that are out there are the reason. They know that once on board, that most passengers will make the best of the discounted rate with alcohol purchases, pictures and souvenirs. Carnival also announced a profit over the last quarter, which means that people are spending on board. It may not be as much as in the past, but they are still spending, and like I mentioned previously, they have a little more to spend when they got a good deal on their cabin. Many people budget a set amount for vacation that they plan on spending, so if they save on one area, the money usually get spent in another. The cruise lines are betting on savings on the cabin being spent on board the ships and you know what, it works for everyone. As passengers, its fun to have a little more to spend on board and you can have more fun for the same amount of money. So if you have the time, and are looking for more bang for your buck, a cruise is a great way to go and you don't have to search far for those deals that used to be elusive.

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