Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Christmas Gift

Its been a crazy year. Hard to write about travels when the economy is in the dumps like it is. We still managed to get a few trips in since September. No more cruises, but a couple of trips to California for concerts and a Christmas trip to Vegas to play with my new gift. For Christmas I got a Sony DSC-H20 camera and the one thing I can say for sure is that a better camera does encourage more picture taking. The H20 is a 10X optical zoom 10 mega pixel camera and is still small enough to just fit in my jeans pocket on the fly. Yeah there are cameras out that are better than 10 mega pix out right now and others with better than 10x zoom, but for my size does matter and in this case it was the smaller the better. When doing the research, I narrowed it down to 4 different cameras, but I am a Sony fan so that was a big factor in my decision. Above that, we wanted a camera that is adaptable, small as mentioned before, and simple. One of the worse things that a person can do is just impulse buy something like a camera. If you have an idea of what you want/need, then list them and do your research, and hopefully you will be as happy as I am with my new toy.

(This is not an advert for the camera, just a testimony to the fact that researching my purchase was well worth the effort. I have friends that are not happy with the same camera I have but because they were not looking for the same thing I was, but bought without thinking.)

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