Monday, January 11, 2010

Would You Put Yourself in Danger for Vacation?

Silly question?  Think about just a couple of popular vacation ideas.  Skiing and scuba diving.  These are not things you tackle without care.  There are even lessons required for both and in some places you cant play untill you have been certified to do so.  O.K. that is not really where I want to go with this, but wanted to get you in the right mind set.  Danger and Vacation.  I was thinking more of the where than the what.  Like skiing a mountain called Devils Canyon or suba diving in shark infested waters.  There is a thrill to it and there are thrill seakers out there (I think anyone that sky dives).  And this is not a bad thing at all if thats what you are into.  But recently there have been news reports of people taking their lives in their own hands in a way I just can't imagine.  Going into hostile teritory of third world countries to hike.  Iran picks up hikers quite often that don't belong there and threaten to put them on trial.  Not that that's bad enough, but if you run across a shoot first ask questions later if at all type of person, then what?  Not much I guess.  There is thrill seeking and then there is stupidity.  I'm all for the former until it becomes the latter.

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