Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cell Phones and Vacation

I am asked often by people if they can use their cell phone while on vacation.  The answer depends on the carrier, type of phone, and the system where you are traveling.  Currently most cruise lines have equipment that work with both GSM and CDMA phones but you should check with the cruise line of your choice before going.  If traveling outside the country, call your carrier and ask if your phone will work.  They will know, and if it does not, they may have agreements with the local carrier and can rent a phone to you for your vacation. Be aware that you would want to find this out early because the rental is usually mailed to you.  Also pay close attention to the pricing.  These plans can be VERY expensive.  Another option is to see if you can rent a phone from a company in the country you are traveling to directly.  It may be a lot cheaper. But many countries are more expensive than the U.S. for cell minutes, so no mater what be prepared for sticker shock.

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