Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hurricane Season 2010 Has Begun.

The first named storm of the season, while weak is causing problems in the Gulf of Mexico.  Alex has been downgraded but that does not mean it is gone.  The storm caused major problems for the city of Monterrey Mexico on Friday.  The national weather service over the winter gave a prediction of up to 13 named storms, 7 of which are expected to grow to hurricane status and Alex as the first of the season has already done so.  Alex did not get as close to the oil problem currently going on in the gulf as it could have, but still managed to cause problems for the clean up efforts going on.  The quantity and frequency of the future storms may cause even more trouble.  So for anyone planing vacation in or around the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean, now is the time to pay very special attention to the weather.

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