Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Does the Seasoned Cruiser Want?

Ok, for those of us that have been on a cruise or two.... or 16 or 80!!  What would you like to see?  The typical answers are freebies, dinner with the captain etc....  but really, what kind of changes could make that next cruise just that much more?  I know for my wife and I, there is one thing we would love and that is to change up the times in port.  There are a couple of itineraries that we have done so many times that we can sleepwalk thru the town.  Ensenada is a great example for us.  But what if the ship could switch it up and get into port at noon and stay until 9PM or later?  One thing that is missed at most ports of call is experiencing the nightlife.  Many years ago we were supposed to go to Cabo San Lucas and do just that.  Unfortunately the plans changed and we ended up on a standard early port of call that trip.  Maybe something like that will come along again for us in the future.  A great example of a nightlife stop is Acapulco!  The things to do and see at night are so awesome that not staying late would just not be fair.  Ok, so that's what I would like to see, what about other seasoned cruisers?  Let me know in the comments.  I would love to read about your ideas.

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