Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carnival Expands All You Can Drink

In August Carnival Cruise Lines started to experiment with $50 ($42.95 plus the tip) per day drink packages on the Carnival Victory. This month they added the Splendor. The system must be working because Carnival is in the business of making money and if they weren't making money the program would have died on the Victory.

The package requires all people 21 and older in the same cabin purchase it.  So can 2 people drink $100 a day? Or willing to part with a guaranteed $800 on an 8 day cruise? It sounds like a lot of money and it is. And many people won't drink their share but that is what the hope.  The average beer is about $5.50 and the average mixed drink around $9 with tip (remember the 15 percent auto added). So a beer drinker needs to drink 10 beers a day and a mixed drink consumer 5 drinks to beat the house. For some, this is easy but those aren't the people that make the money for the cruise line. It's the ones that try hard day one and taper off and the ones that have to get the package because they are sharing a cabin with a drinker.  

Do the math before you go.  It could save you a ton or cost you more than you need.   How much of a lush are you.  As for me,  I am one of the people on the fence.  Some cruises I am shocked how low my bar tab was and others I was afraid to look at it.

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