Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can't Have Everything!

Carnival Cruise Line recently posted on its Facebook page that it will offer full reimbursement to anyone that wants to cancel their cruise that leaves December 2 2012 because it will include a booking of a group of drag queens and performers from the LOGO cable TV channel.  Reimbursement includes any non refundable fees incurred with non Carnival entities.  While the short notice sucks, the offer seems more than fair if anyone feels that this would effect their vacation.  Personally, I would keep my booking but that's me. 

Now if you read the comments on the posting, you would think it was the first time a cruise line ever booked an alternative lifestyle group onboard.  But for companies like Carnival its just a part of doing business.  I have cruised a few times where I found out there was a large group onboard after embarkation. The 2 most memorable were a Country music group that included multiple recording artists and their fans and a LBGT Halloween group. The music cruise wasn't so great because it meant many of the venues were closed off to us much of the time, the LGBT group was courteous and welcoming to everyone on the ship.

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