Friday, November 23, 2012

Cruising While Pregnant

If you want to take a cruise and are already expecting, its good to know the policies of the cruise lines.  Many will not allow women over 24 weeks to cruise regardless of what their doctor says.  An article in the Chicago Tribune recently showed what a couple went through with Carnival with the wife being 10 days past the 24 week rule.  People may think its not as big of a deal as the cruise lines make it out, but with the limited facilities on board to handle an emergency of this type, and the effort needed to re route to the nearest port in case of such an emergency, I can only assume that in the past it has happened more than the cruise lines would have liked in the past.  That's how rules like this one get started.  The ship has not only the expectant mother but a couple thousand other passengers to tend to.  While many may be understanding, there will be those that get very upset is something that could have been controlled by the cruise line causes their vacation to not go as planned.  Sounds cruel and it is, but just look at those that book a cruise every year and then try to sue the cruise line because of weather.  If they are going to get upset over something that can't be controlled, how do you think they will react to something that could have.  Right or wrong, this is why the 24 week rule is there.

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