Thursday, September 20, 2007

Great Lakes Cruising.

Looking for something different? How about a cruise from Chicago Illinois to Toronto Canada. Great Lakes Cruise Company offers cruises on the 300 foot cruise ship C. Columbus, which has only been in service since 1997, and currently making 11 day cruises between Chicago and Toronto, going though the Weyland Cannal, and making port stops in Windsor/Detroit, Perry Sound, Milwaukee WI, and Thunderbay among others. The trip will take you on each of the Great Lakes.

But there is a catch.

2007 is the last of the 9 year run in the Great Lakes for the Columbus. There are only a couple of cruises left in the months of September and October before an an 18 day cruise from Toronto to Miami Florida that travels up the St. Lawrence River. After that, this small cruise ship will be sailing all over the world, with no mention of returning to the Great Lakes any time soon. Bad timing for me to find out about this so late.

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