Saturday, October 6, 2007

As Cruise Ships Add New Activities, Whats Next?

Every cruise line wants to have the one thing that will bring cruisers back again and again. Royal Caribbean has its rock climbing walls, in line skating tracks, wave pools, and ice rink. Norwegian has on board pool tables and their newest ship will have a bowling alley. Many of the other cruise lines are going to have to play catch up to come up with new ideas. Carnival has made minor changes recently, by adding a 9 hole miniature golf course to their ships, and announcing that after refurbishment, there will be a new adults only area along with expanded children's areas. But the question is, what is next? I have read many articles recently on how the ships are becoming THE destination and not just the means to get to the destination. As the ships get bigger, to house the new attractions, and more people, ports are going to have to be expanded if they expect the bigger ships to come a calling. That will happen, them more bigger ships will be on order but what will they offer? I am having a difficult time thinking what would be the next best thing to add to a ship to just make me drool. If you have your ideas, suggestions, or just a wish, leave a comment. I want to know what are we missing.

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MysterHK said...

Your guess is good as mine, Dave. I think these ships are like a floating city as is already. Maybe someday it'll be big enough to be a floating country. Who knows?