Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking for a Music Themed Cruise?

Themed cruises are a hot topic with everything from comedians to Nascar having cruises. But the most popular have to be the music themed cruises and every style of music is accounted for. Whats better than just a music theme cruise? A cruise with your favorite musician or band. It is a amazing how many acts actually have done theme cruises. The Bare Naked Ladies had such a blast that they do the same cruise every year. Sammy Hagar does the same with a cruise every October down to Cabo where he owns the famous CaboWabo bar. The problem is most people don't know where to find these cruises. Personally we have been on a couple of cruises only to find out after we boarded that there was a theme cruise going on because many times the themes do not fill the entire ship and share the cruise with other passengers. Well, I stumbled across a website that to check out when looking for a cruise with musicians or just to see if a musical themed cruise may be planed for the same cruise you are looking to book or already have booked. They are called Sixthman and they sponsor many current acts out there today. Not only can you see the upcoming cruises that they have planed, you can sign up for the newsletter and not be left in the dark if a favorite of yours decides to do a cruise of their own.

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