Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zip-line Accident Claims Life of Cruise Passenger

Many of the cruise lines have zip-line tours offered at some of the ports of call. An unfortunate accident on one in Roatan lead to the death of a passenger when the line failed. You can read more about what happened at Cruise Critic. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family. The incident is going to lead to questions on the safety of not just this one location but all zip-line tours. Don't be surprised if zip-line tours end up removed from the excursion lists in the future. Having a fear of heights, you would not catch me on a zip-line to begin with, but until they have all the information on what happened, we don't need to jump to conclusions. These are some of the most popular tours that are offered in the ports of call that have them.


Peter said...

My mother had a run-in with one of these zip lines on her cruise liner over the winter. Thankfully, she only suffered a broken leg (I realise it in no way can compare to this article), but a word of warning to anyone considering going on these. Her travel insurance refused to pay out on holiday compensation for the injuries caused due to the fact they categorised zip-line as a dangerous sport not covered by the standard policy.

Andrew said...

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