Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Word? Staycation!

More and more people are choosing to stay home rather than travel for vacation this year if they take any time off at all. But unlike last summer, its not the price of gas that is the reason. If anything, the cost of gasoline may be one of the few factors in the plus column if planning a vacation right now. Unfortunately the economy keeps heading in the wrong direction. Unemployment is on the rise and Wall Street doesn't know what way is up right now. Everyone from cruise lines to hotels are reporting major decreases in the number of bookings. I see daily emails on new deals and specials that top each other. Just this week a price war has begun amongst the airlines. Southwest started with very low one way fares, as cheap as $49 one way, causing many of the other airlines to act quickly to decrease their prices as well. But will the deals work or is the word for 2009 going to be "staycation". Its looking my vocabulary will be increasing if the experts are right and it will not be until late this year at the earliest that things may start to turn around. Until it does, the movie rental stores may be seeing more action as families stay home this year.

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