Monday, April 26, 2010

Android on Vacation

You have to admit, when it comes to Iphones and Android phones, what you really have is a mini computer you are carrying around with you and when vacation time comes its time to put that computer to work.  Its a trip organizer, GPS unit, and a search tool all in one.  On a recent short weekend trip we were able to leave our laptop and regular GPS unit at home.  On my previous post here at Time2cruise, I mentioned the trip organizers and how useful they can be.  The GPS part of modern cell phones is going to make it hard for one to think about buying a stand alone unit.  Except for long trips, ours looks like its going to be collecting dust now, but its not going away just yet.  I have to experiment with the usefulness when in areas that don't have good cell coverage before giving up on my other unit.  But, wait, there's more....  My new mini computer is also my mp3 player, a translator (awesome on foreign vacation) and the quickest access to search anything.  Need a restaurant, taxi, hotel etc... Well it sucks when you do, and don't have that at your fingertips.  Now if I can figure out a way to pack a change of clothes in it, and I wont even need luggage.

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