Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What is the Best Time of Year to Cruise

This such a subjective question mainly because it depends on which cruise and who plans on going. Do you have kids? Do you even like kids? Are you a sun person? Are you a nighttime party person? Do you like it hot or prefer the temps on the cooler side? Does the threat of bad weather worry you? These are all good questions to ask yourself when deciding on time of year to cruise. Ofcourse, there is always price and when you can get off work as well.

Here are my opinions on the main cruising spots (sailing out of the U.S.):

  • Alaska: This is a no brainer here. These cruises are offered in the summer only. Don't expect it to be warm, and dry. While it can vary, Alaskan cruises tend to have less kids, and be more relaxing/ less party in atmosphere.
  • Eastern Canada: Also offered in the summer, often cooler, tho not as cold as Alaska. Low to average on the number of children on board. Assuming a slightly laid back cruise due to the destinations but will have to get back to you on that after we go next month.
  • Mexican Riviera: Cruises run year round (and more options now than ever before). The weather is always hot and humid (80-90 degrees F) with summer being the warmest. The number of children on board usually dictated by the school year with more kids on board during holidays. Ships are pretty lively year round when it comes to night activities, but more lively around spring break (and more so on the shorter length cruises).
  • Caribbean: Probably the most popular of areas, with the most destination, the Caribbean offers the temperatures in the 80s pretty much year round. Like the Mexican Riviera, school year has some affect on the number of children on board. Weather can have an affect on deciding a time to go, with hurricane season (usually June thru September).
  • Hawaii: Tropical weather year round. Number of children usually low (I think do to the length of the cruises running around 12 days)

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