Monday, November 26, 2007

Royal Caribbean's Music Making Waves

There has been a lot of chatter among the cruising community about Royal Caribbean eliminating much of the live music on board. This cost saving measure seems to have a few people pretty upset when thrown on top of the other changes that have been recently announced. While I have seen no official announcement of the music change, nor would an announcement be required, word has been spreading fast on the cruise message boards. Members have been posting about recent cruises where CD's or some other type of recorded music has been playing in common areas on the ships that have been known for the live entertainment in the past. It's a shame for some areas, such as the Lido Deck where the live bands have been known to liven up the day on many of my previous cruises. Members on the Royal Caribbean message board on Cruise Critic have been questioning the cruise line a lot lately. This is not what Royal Caribbean should want to be hearing about their product when they are pushing the biggest ships going. Cruising is not just about size and RCCL may find this out the hard way if they keep upsetting long time customers.

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